I was at Starbucks getting my pumpkin spice fix when I hear “excuse me but I really like your AoS shirt” and I turn around to say thank you when CLARK GREGG

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i just wanna illegally watch a movie online man i aint tryna fuck no single busty russians in my area

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oh mY GOSH

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D + Cards Against Humanity

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Parent: what does a cow say?
Baby: "moo!"
Parent: yes! And what does a sheep say?
Baby: "baah!"
Parent: yay! And what does a pig say?
Baby: *whistles* "damn babygirl u a fine piece'a ass wanna hop n my car n ill drive ya to pound town!!"
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Morning in Japan by Kenji Yamamura

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